chess pieces on receding chessboard
Grantham Room, Conservative Club,
77 Broadway, Peterborough PE1 4DA 
The Club meets Thursday 18:30-23:00 except the first Thursday of each month.
In addition, on the Sunday following the missing Thursday 18:00-22:00
the Club organises a rapid play internal competition.
March Sunday 10; Thursday 14; Sunday 17 (13:00-16:00 Club v Rest of Cambridgeshire; won 8-4);
Thursdays 21; 28
April Sunday 07; Thursdays 11; 18; 25.
May Sunday 05; Thursdays 09; 16; 23; 30.
For tuition schedule, see tuition page.

Tuition & Assisted Preparation

To join the Chess Club it is conditional to join the Conservative Club.
Payable annually on 1 January.
From September 2023
Chess Club membership 2023-24: £10 Adults; £5 Juniors.
All new adult members should be approved by club committee members
Internal Competitions
Season 2023
Silver Queen
Winner: Browning, Dennis
Cracknell Cup

Winner: Blair, Jimmy

Silver Knight (U1450 knockout cup)
Winner: Cheng, Wing
Runner Up: Fairhurst, Fred

County Competitions Contribution Award winner
Ripardo, Paolo

Improvement Award winner and Division 1 runner-up
Carver, Gabriel

Match calendar: See County website
Date League/Cup Away Home Result
New season 2023-24
Fixtures and match results
Division 1 (Team A)
Division 2 (Team B)
Team 7000 North
Team 4000 North (Peterborough Knights)
Team 4000 South (Peterborough Pirates)

Fenland Open
Fenland 7000

Internal competitions

Silver Queen
Cracknell Cup
For other competitions use these links to find club on LMS database.

Matches played
See Games list

Games played
(Although the LMS database allows for storage of records of games in portable game notation (PGN),
no games are currently stored because of the extra difficulty of club captains
agreeing on the moves played on 3, 4 or 5 boards

Peterborough Chess Club game record initiative
Games list
Cambridgeshire Chess Association League, Cup
Consolidated Results 2022-23

Division 1 won by New England A with 12/18. Peterborough A, with 09, in third place out of four.
Division 2 won by New England B with 14/20. Peterborough B, with 08, in fifth place out of six.
Team 7000 (North) won by New England Patriots with 09/12. Peterborough, with 08, in second place out of four.
Fenland Cup (Open) won by Cambridge City. Peterborough knocked out in first round by New England.
Fenland Cup (7000) won by Warboys White Capes. Peterborough knocked out in first round by Royston.
(Although Peterborough won that match on the boards (2.5-1.5), the result was re-assessed on a technicality.)

For full results, including individual performance, use current active link(s), and use tab "Previous seasons"
For more details please contact Club Secretary Ben Rhodes: Tel: 07527 551650, email:
For website: