Games list

Peterborough Chess Club presents a new way of displaying games.
In addition it undertakes to record all league and cup games
played by Club members.
Chess coach and tutor Fred Davies will annotate games as appropriate,
helped by tutor Dennis Browning, regular internal competition winner, and
tutor James Conlon, beginner and newcomer chess accompanier.

Matches played or postponed
Date League/Cup Teams Result
Sep-14 Div 2 P'boro B v Rookswood win
Sep-19Team 4000 NorthSpalding v P'boro Knightswin
Sep-19Team 4000 SouthSt Ives Woolly Hats v P'boro Pirates loss
Sep 21 Div 1P'boro A v St Ives Apostponed
Sep-25Div 2St Neots B v P'boro Bwin
Oct-02Fenland Cup (Open)St Neots v P'boro loss (P'boro out of the competition)
Oct-18Team 7000 NorthP'boro v New England Patriotsloss
Oct-19 Fenland Cup (7000) P'boro v Rookswood win (P'boro still in the competition)
Oct-26Div 2P'boro B v St Ives Bwin
Oct-31Team 4000 SouthSt Neots C v P'boro Pirateswin

P'boro B v Rookswood in Division 2 on Thu Sep-14
Board 1. Bowers, Francis (Rookswood) v Browning, Dennis (P'boro B), draw
Board 2. TBE
Board 3. TBE
Board 4. Blair, Jimmy (P'boro B) v O'Keefe, Tom (Rookswood), loss

Team 4000 matches, no games processed

St Ives B v P'boro B in Division 2 on Mon Sep-25
Board 1. Redden, Douglas (P'boro B) v Barkas, Peter(St Ives B), win
Board 2. McMorran, Richard (St Ives B) v Fisher, Neal (P'boro B), win
Board 3. Conlon, James (P'boro B) v Greiller, John (St Ives B), draw, (in process)
Board 4. Holmes, Thomas (St Ives) v Blair, Jimmy (P'boro, acting captain), loss

St Neots v P'boro in Fenland Cup (open) preliminary round on Mon Oct-02, loss, P'boro out of Open Cup
Board 1. TBE
Board 2. TBE
Board 3. TBE
Board 4. Zajaczkowski, Marek (P'boro) v Barkas, Peter (St Neots), draw
P'boro v Rookswood in Fenland Cup (7000) on Thu Oct-19, win (club still in competition)
Board 1. Browning, Dennis(P'boro) v Bowers, Francis (Rookswood), draw, (in process)
Board 2. TBE
Board 3. TBE
Board 4. TBE