Dennis Browning 001

Losing player Dennis Browning analyses his own game

Copy editor: James Conlon

Brendan Rooney v Dennis Browning

Silver Queen

2022 September 22

Location: Angle Gaming Lounge

Tartokower once said "The mistakes are all there - waiting to be made". They didn't have to wait very long for me to make them in this game.

Dennis Browning 0 - 1 Brendan Rooney

1) e4 e5 2) Nf3 Nc6 3) Bc4 Nf6 4) d3 Be7 5) O-O O-O 6) Nc3 d6 7) h3 Na5 8) Be3 Nxc4 9) dxc4 Bd7 10) Qd3 Qc8

11) Kh2 a6 12) Bg5 Qd8 13) Rad1

This natural-looking move is not the best. 13) Bxf6 is recommended with a slight edge to White, and stopping Black's next move.

13) ... Ng4+!

The first of several moves I overlooked, but "Well played, Brendan".

14) hxg4 Bxg5 15) Nxe5??

Completely overlooking Black's reply.

15) ... Bf4+ 16) g3 Bxe5

Now I am completely lost but still manage to find the worst move possible.

17) f3??? Qh4+! 18) Resigns - my best move of the game !

I'll say no more.

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